Many people change their mattresses because they are not comfortable with the old ones. Some people decide to change their mattress because they want a new model or new type of mattress. There can be many reasons behind changing the bed. 

Some of us want to change our mattresses because they are not comfortable for us anymore. Sometimes people lose or gain weight or get injured in an accident, so they need to change their mattress according to the condition. There are several different ways to get rid of our old mattress. 

We can recycle them or even denote them if they are in good condition. But throwing them near our house or streets is a bad option. It can lead to an unhealthy environment. If you want to get rid of a mattress, you can hire professionals. 

These professionals will dispose of or appropriately recycle your mattress. Many professional companies recycle old mattresses and make new things from them. Let’s see how these companies are helpful for you in disposing of your old mattress.

Eco rubbish clearance

Suppose you have an old mattress in your house and don’t know how to dispose of it. Disposing of old matters is a real pain. You cannot throw it outside of the house. It would help if you also had a lot of time and effort to dispose of the mattress.

 It will be pretty stressful, but the eco rubbish clearance can help you with this task. It deals with the old mattress. It can come to your home, take your bed and recycle it. You don’t have to worry about anything. 

The eco rubbish clearance sees the mattress condition. If it is in good condition, experts will recycle it. Otherwise, they will dispose of it. So you are free after handing your mattress to them.


Some of us throw out mattresses on the streets and roads when they get old. These mattresses are not helpful for us, but throwing them out of our house is not good. It can create a lot of mess around us. When you want to dispose of your mattress, you can hire JunkBGone London and avail yourself of their service in this mattress disposal. 

JunkBGone are amongst the best mattress disposal London companies. Once you hire them for your mattress disposal, you can be stress-free. They deal with all sizes of mattresses. They collect old mattresses professionally, efficiently and dispose of them in environmentally friendly manners. JunkBGone is also affordable and provides quick mattress disposal services.

Just clear

Just clear also deals with the old mattress. It can quickly and efficiently remove and dispose of your old mattress of any size, small or large. Once they collect your matters, they dispose of it no matter what condition it is in. 

They also provide pickup service, so you have to call them; they will come and take your old mattress along with them. Once the bed is in the hands of just a transparent company, they will ensure that it will never reach the landfill.


If you ever want to get rid of an old mattress, then don’t stress about it. Just pick any of the services, and you will be free from your old mattress. We hope this information is helpful for you if you are planning to dispose of an old mattress.